Custom Embroidery & Silk-Screening for Any Occasion

At Black Lab, we know you’re looking for quality custom embroidered apparel at the right price so we have sectioned our website into Good, Better, Best and Premium categories with “average pricing” you can expect to pay per piece of gear decorated. Once you find your category, contact us and we’ll help you find your product. We know you don’t wake-up thinking about logo’d apparel… but we do!

Taking your crew to a concert? Organizing a family reunion? Planning a killer tailgate? Make any special occasion more special.

Do you want your business, sports team or club to look their best? We’ll set up an online store just for you! Just ask us how…


Think $25 & Under
A one-off brand you’ve probably never heard of. Generally good for a season or two. Perfect for inexpensive gifts, tournament give-a-ways and catching some rad waves, dude.


Think $50 & Under
Recognized brands like Izod and others, but not one of the biggies. Should look good for a year or two if you’re not attacked by a grizzly. Employee work wear at its best.


Think $75 & Under
Top-line apparel from top brands like Nike, Under Armour and more. Quality gear that will look great for years. Perfect for kissing up to your golf-loving boss.


Think $75 & Over
The best quality, the best look, the best brands. This sophisticated clothing makes a great gift for movie stars, senators and international men of mystery.