Good Hats

Our good hats are perfect for screen printing, and great for sports teams or counter staff. They also make great giveaway items!

  • Great for a sports season, but won’t last much longer with regular wear
  • A sweet option when budget is a concern and you need a lot
  • Cotton/poly blend is perfect for screen printing
  • Plastic, adjustable closures make these one size fits most

Here’s the Deal

If you’re looking for a nice looking hat without spending a ton of money we’ve got you covered. With brands like Big Accessories, Ultra Club and Core 365 you’ll find a large selection of hats that are perfect for sports, counter staff, giveaways and more.

These hats are great when you need to order a bunch and you’re on a tight budget. They’ll look cool for team pictures and hold up well for a season or so, but we don’t want to promise much more… Because they’re not made of performance materials they do stain more easily and stretch out over time. Screen print some hats with your logo on them and these are great for community events, giveaways, kid’s athletics and more. Don’t worry about getting a hat like this dirty – it’s cheap and will need replaced next season anyway.

If good isn’t your thing, check out our better embroidered hats here. Or contact us today and one of our friendly, knowledgeable team members will be happy to talk you into upgrading!