Custom Embroidered Dress Shirts

Our custom embroidered dress shirts kick up the style and provide a professional look no matter how unprofessional your coworkers might be! Browse our tiers of available dress shirts below, and contact us today if you’re ready to get a little fancy.

Good Dress Shirts

These shirts are “Good” for a reason. They’ll look nice for a year or so, but won’t offer premium fabrics or that fancy shirt feel.
$25 and under decorated

Better Dress Shirts

If you’re ready to get casual, as in business casual, these are the shirts for you. Perfect for your sales reps to wear to their next wine mixer.
$50 and under decorated

Best Dress Shirts

Top brands like Calvin Klein, Eddie Bauer and others, these shirts are a step above the rest. Nice fabric, stylish looks, need we say more?
$75 and under decorated

Premier Dress Shirts

When only the best will do. Discriminating dress shirts for people with discriminating taste in clothing. Top of the line shirts for top of the line individuals.
$75 and over decorated